The biggest black technology of Samsung S9 is charging technology rather than the screen

- Dec 05, 2017-

Soon 2018 is coming, in 2018, the first debut of the flagship machine should be the Samsung S9, at present the speculation is very large at home and abroad, S9 renderings also shed a lot, but when everyone Still sigh when Samsung's screen technology, foreign media said, S9 black technology is not just on the screen, but also on the battery.


Recently, some foreign media said Samsung S9 will use graphene batteries, just 12 minutes can be fully charged. In addition the previous Samsung announced a new progress in graphene batteries, so the S9 may be the first episode equipped with the battery.

It is reported that the safety of graphene batteries is very good, graphite has always been a very stable material, if the graphene battery can be mass produced and used in smart phones, the future there will be almost no cell phone explosion, of course graphene batteries will To help Samsung in one fell swoop in the battery technology industry leader, can be described as far-reaching impact.

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