The first shipments of Apple's first HomePod only 1 million units

- Jan 18, 2018-

Apple officially unveiled the Siri smart speaker HomePod at the June 2017 Global Developers Conference, but the launch date has been delayed. Currently the official website in the HomePod introduction interface still displays "Available early 2018" (early 2018). The reason why the delayed sale for six months, because of software and hardware caused by fine-tuning. However, a recent news estimate will make all friends expect: Inventec has already begun shipping HomePod, the first shipments of about 1 million units.

It is reported that Apple HomePod shipments this year will reach 1,000 to 12 million units, Inventec and Foxconn are responsible for 50% of shipments.


HomePod you can think of as a smart speaker, the hardware configuration, HomePod equipped with a 6 microphone array, 4-inch subwoofer, with 7 at the bottom of the speaker array, built-in Apple A8 processor, the hardware should be the current smart speaker The highest configuration. In terms of functionality, users can wake up the HomePod with "Hey Siri" to get weather, location, news and more. However, I think the most integrated features, is to use HomePod to remote HomeKit smart home.


It is understood that the United States now has 16% of users using smart speakers, an increase of 128% over the same period last year. Which Amazon Echo share of 11%, Google Google Home share of 4%, as the market rookie Apple HomePod will face fierce competition.

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