The IPhone 8 has been exposed by a protected shell, where's the fingerprint identification?

- Sep 04, 2017-

The IPhone 8, a long-awaited product, is finally released today. Apple will launch the product on September 12 at the newly-built headquarters of Jobs auditorium. But when it comes to the appearance presumably we all already understand, after all, as the world factory in China, supply chain of explosive material is still a lot of!

iPhone 8又被保护壳曝光 指纹识别在哪?

iPhone 8又被保护壳曝光 指纹识别在哪?

iPhone 8

Of course, in addition to the supply chain, protect the shell and the surrounding manufacturers of explosive material is very accurate! Today, another shell manufacturer exposed the iphone 8 real machine map, in fact, looks nothing new, after all, the current iphone 8 exposure has been flying!

But surprisingly, the fingerprint identification area is still unclear, where does it stay? Prior to the news, the IPhone 8 fingerprint identification will be located at the lock screen key, and Sony's solution similar. After all, in the era of mobile payment so developed, fingerprint recognition is still essential! What kind of iphone 8 do you want to buy or buy?

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