The Mini Pac:You can“ see” the current

- May 24, 2017-

A data CABLE line that is being raised on the Kickstarter is brilliant: The, Mini, Pac. This is a can let you see the data line power flow, the visual effect is super cool. In addition to the characteristics of power flow, there are automatic power outages, adaptation of a wide range of features.


1, power flow: use it for your equipment charging, you can see the data line began to shine, the light source moving rapidly to the device, it seems that power seems to flow like water really. Like its name "The Mini Pac", electricity flows like a Pacman bean.

And as the charge goes on, the flow rate slows down so that you know what stage you are charging now.


2 、 automatic power off: when the charging equipment is full of electricity, it can automatically power-off, effectively save electricity, prevent overcharging and extend battery life. It can even avoid fire or battery explosion caused by excessive flushing, which is both environmentally friendly and safe.


3, Adaptation wide: compatible with a wide range, it is suitable for almost all Android smart phones, tablets, headsets, cameras, game consoles, iPhone, iPad and so on. It can not only charge, but also transmit data. USB to Micro USB interface, with adapter head, can be adapted to other interface devices.


In parameter aspect, the data line length is 32 inches (0.8 meters), the luminous wire consumes the electricity extremely small, the biggest 80mA, the voltage output input is 5V, supports the biggest output current 2.1A.

The Time (TIME) designated their concept Aware Cord (Power) patent as one of the fifty best inventions in the world, and this patent is used in this data line.


At present, this data line is on the Kickstarter all the chips, from the sale price of 145 Swedish kronor (equivalent to 115 yuan), is expected in August of this year shipped.

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