The next four mobile phone unlock methods: Which do you prefer?

- Apr 20, 2018-

With more and more smart phones coming on the market, the encryption method of smart phones is constantly being upgraded. From the original "*" key to the unlocking of function keys to today's facial solutions.

The lock seems to have become more and more secure. The security setting for unlocking a mobile phone is on the one hand protection of personal privacy and on the other hand, it is also a protection function for the mobile phone.

With the release of iPhoneX, the mobile phone officially entered the era of full screen. The traditional pre-fingerprint unlocking may gradually be eliminated as the proportion of mobile phone screens is increased. Today we will take a look at the unlocking methods that may be left in the future.

The most contemporary meaning of facial unlocking

【图片1】未来手机四大解锁方式 你更喜欢哪一种

In the era of traditional mobile phone screens, facial recognition and unlocking has been applied by some mobile phones. However, the convenience of pre-printing fingerprint unlocking and the immaturity of facial recognition have made it unacceptable. Until iPhoneX abandons the traditional fingerprint unlocking, unlocking with Face ID is used by people.

Due to the immense influence of the iPhone X, all major Android phones have also added face recognition to the phone. However, the face recognition of the face recognition of the Android phone is unlocked by obtaining the basic outline of the face and does not require any uniqueness. The hardware support can only be achieved by upgrading the algorithm. The security is far from Apple's FaceID.

As one of the few mobile phones on the market that dares to use facial recognition as the only means of unlocking, iPhoneX and its FaceID can be described as bold and daring. However, because of iPhone3's leading 3D facial simulation technology, facial recognition unlocking has been able to play its true strength, providing a powerful guarantee for secure unlocking and payment.

Illumination of the iris with a promising future

【图片2】未来手机四大解锁方式 你更喜欢哪一种

Before the launch of the iPhone X, Samsung S8/Note8 unlocked the industry leader, but after the appearance of Face ID, fingerprint recognition and even the unique iris recognition became inadequate - but Samsung did not seem to give up this safe unlock. the way.

On Samsung's latest S9 series this year, Samsung has once again upgraded its iris recognition. “Smart scanning” is a big selling point for Samsung S9. Smart scanning is a new technology that combines face recognition and iris recognition, even under low light conditions. You can also unlock your phone easily and conveniently.

It is reported that Google is currently working to integrate iris recognition technology into Android, and it can be used openly for third-party applications, greatly improving the user experience. Currently, Android's face unlocking technology is not yet mature. If it can be unlocked with an iris, it should be more accurate and safer.

More secure fingerprint unlocking

【图片3】未来手机四大解锁方式 你更喜欢哪一种

Fingerprint unlocking first appeared on the iPhone 5s. It can be unlocked simply by placing your finger in the fingerprint identification area. It is simple, fast, and safe. Later, fingerprint unlocking was used for the major Android flagships, and later on the bad street, various thousand red rice, 100 yuan charm blue standard fingerprint identification. Fingerprint recognition can be described as suddenly as a spring breeze, thousands of trees pear blossom. (PS: The fingerprint recognition module is on the front or the back. It has always been a topic of debate.)

When fingerprint unlocking is used by people, post-fingerprint unlocking is also developed. From the front to the back, this is undoubtedly a habitual change, but in the beginning of the full-screen era, the fingerprint unlocking is in addition to the face. Identify the most commonly used unlocking methods.

Unlock the screen that represents the future

【图片4】未来手机四大解锁方式 你更喜欢哪一种

After the development of mobile phone unlocking mode, after going through the power-on-push-no-hole-face recognition, in 2018, under-screen fingerprint recognition became the most anticipated mobile phone unlocking mode. This technology can not only eliminate the problem. In front of the screen or on the back of the case, problems such as body openings and key failures caused by fingerprint identification buttons can be set, and the screen share of the mobile phone screen can also be greatly improved. This is an indispensable part of the development of a comprehensive mobile phone screen. Important technology.

While mentioning fingerprints on the screen, the domestic vivo brand was the earliest showcased company. Not long ago, at the CES2018, the X20Plus screen-fingerprint production version of the mobile phone was also displayed. It should be the earliest product to use this technology in the world, and it can be regarded as the current market. A very popular and mature full-screen product with a good market base.

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