The right way to use lithium batteries

- Dec 26, 2017-

The era of nickel-cadmium batteries have a lot of "rules", the first use of the phone must be completely depleted and then fully charged, it is said that this can "activate the battery performance," to extend battery life.

However, lithium battery era, such "red tape" is useless. One of the great features of lithium batteries is their high battery activity. They do not require any "activation" steps, and can be recharged when you want to recharge them, ready for use whenever you want.

But also to keep the key lithium batteries, not less charge and discharge, but more charge and discharge. Maintaining a certain number of charge-discharge operations will keep the lithium batteries in electronic products alive and keep them at their best.

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Of course, the use of lithium batteries there are many taboo.

For mobile phones, the best way to keep the battery healthy is to not let the phone charge less than 20%, and at the same time it is best not to let the phone completely full and then unplug the power supply, the most important thing is not to be fully charged in the phone battery Always connect the power. 

All in all, the phone is charging, when you want it and when it's time to charge, but do not overcharge. Although now the phone's lithium battery will integrate the IC chip, so that the battery can automatically power off after full. However, there will still be a weak current flowing to the battery, so charging the phone overnight is a taboo.

As for the laptop lithium battery, the biggest drawback is that after a full charge has been attached to the power supply. Lenovo, Asus laptops manufacturers are Weapon, said the best way to maintain laptop battery activity is to control the battery power at about 60 percent. This approach can make the laptop's battery life longer and more durable.

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