Third-party analysis of iPhone XS Max cost: more expensive than iPhone X

- Sep 27, 2018-

TechInsights sent the results, the cost of the 256GB version of the iPhone XS Max is about $ 443, about 3,000 yuan, compared to the iPhone X (64GB version) version of the cost is almost $ 50.

From the results of the analysis, the iPhone XS Max screen is very expensive, the cost is 80.5 US dollars, while the A12 + RF / baseband and other sets are down to 72 US dollars, the flash chip is 64 US dollars, the camera cost is 44 US dollars.

iphone XS cost report.jpg

In addition, the analysis report also pointed out that the cost of other mechanical components of the iPhone XS Max is $ 55, so the total cost of the new machine is $ 443.

One more thing to say is that the iPhone XS Max's battery, case, and display can all be more expensive than the iPhone X due to the larger body. Interestingly, Apple also adjusted the screen components of the new machine and removed it. Some components that do not affect the 3D Touch function save about $;e.jpg

It must be explained that simply looking at these costs does not have much meaning. After all, a new machine and research and development still need a lot of other costs to support, patent fees, research and development costs, shipping costs, etc., so every time you see this Cost analysis, Apple is very disdain.iphonexsmax.jpg

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