This is the first mainland China to win the USB-IF certified E-Marker chip

- May 14, 2018-

At present, the USB PD fast charging protocol has been widely used in products of first-tier brands such as Apple, Google, Huawei, Xiaomi, and Samsung. According to the charging head network, the next-generation iPhone will be equipped with a USB PD charger as standard, which will once again promote the rapid development of the USB PD fast charging industry.

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Compared with other fast charging protocols, the USB PD fast charging protocol has the remarkable feature of having a maximum 20V/5A, 100W power transmission capability. It is applicable not only to low-power mobile phones and flat-panel devices, but also widely used in high-power applications. Laptops and other devices.

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With the popularity of the USB PD fast charging technology, cables are becoming more and more important as a medium for power transmission between devices. Especially in the working condition of high voltage and high current, not only the material and wire diameter of the wire are required, but also need to join the E-Marker chip certified by USB-IF Association (The cable with E-Marker chip can support the maximum current of 5A. , cables without E-Marker chips can only support up to 3A current).

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A full-featured USB-C cable must be added to the E-Marker chip because the E-Marker chip is pre-written with various cable specifications, current carrying capacity, and data transmission capabilities. The electronic device also uses this chip to Get the cable information to determine the power supply or data transmission mode to achieve the protection effect.

Recently, the domestic chip manufacturer Shenzhen Hui Neng Tai Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. has launched an E-Marker chip HUSB330, and has obtained the certification of the USB-IF Association, TID No. 100,060, XID No. 0005396. This is also the first E-Marker chip in mainland China that has achieved USB-IF certification and mass production. It has achieved a domestic E-Marker chip from scratch and has significant historical significance for localization of the chip.

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