To force! Nokia Mobile Global Future Lab settled in Shenzhen

- May 17, 2018-

China - Shenzhen - May 16, 2018 - Nokia Mobile's new home, HMD, announced that Nokia Mobile Global Future Lab has been established in Shenzhen, China, and has assembled a global ace innovation team and top talents in the industry to build Nokia's mobile core innovation base. In the future, led by Juho Sarvikas, the global chief product officer of HMD (Chinese name: Shao Youyin), the laboratory will focus on cutting-edge technologies to provide a core innovation reserve for the global strategic development of Nokia handsets.


On May 16, HMD released the Nokia X6, the first Nokia X series product, in Beijing. The Nokia X Series is a product that HMD's global product team has tailored for Chinese consumers. With the establishment of Shenzhen Future Lab, HMD will further take root in China, focus on future mobile experiences, encourage local innovation, and bring leading smartphone experiences to consumers in China and globally.

Core Innovation Capacity Settled in Shenzhen to Honor Commitment to the Chinese Market

Shenzhen has a complete mobile phone hardware and software industry chain, and the most cutting-edge industrial information and technology sharing, is the core area of the global smart phone industry. This city full of science and technology is very attractive to Nokia mobile phones. Adhering to its commitment to the Chinese market, HMD has established the Nokia Mobile Global Future Lab in China.

At the same time, HMD's global ace core innovation team will also gather in Shenzhen. The core members of this innovation team have extensive experience in product development and innovation. The laboratory will also absorb more local mobile phone talents in China to fully support the strategic mission of Shenzhen to build a science and technology industry innovation center, and fully explore China's advantages and potential in smart phone technology.

Led by Juho Sarvikas, chief product officer of HMD, the lab will focus on four major innovation areas:

5G technology: As 5G technology matures, mobile devices and the Internet will create innovative experiences;

New materials and new processes: Innovations in materials and manufacturing processes are important factors in the continuous upgrading of smart products;

Imaging Technology: Nokia mobile phones have always been committed to the innovation of imaging technology. The laboratory combines AI and imaging technology to continue creatively innovating mobile imaging algorithms.

Future evolution of the mobile experience: Nokia mobile phones are dedicated to exploiting the latest developments in wireless communication technology and AI to explore innovative user future experiences.

HMD will use Nokia Mobile Global Future Lab as a starting point, insisting on technological innovation in the distribution of the Chinese and global smartphone market. After landing in Shenzhen, the lab will collaborate with Nokia's innovation team in Helsinki and London. At the same time, HMD will also actively cooperate with outstanding local companies in China to fully integrate the advantages of its global value chain with local innovation capabilities and help local companies to achieve global value.


Juro Sarvikas, chief product officer of HMD, said: "HMD will bring Nokia Mobile Global Future Lab and leading team to China, focusing on 5G technology, new materials and processes, imaging technology and future mobile experience. This is HMD's deep plowing in China. The market is an important step in fulfilling the commitment to the Chinese market. We will work with partners in the industry chain to create value for China and global users with innovative capabilities and the speed of Shenzhen."

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