TrendForce:The Production growth rate of smart phones in 2018 is only 5%

- Jan 03, 2018-

Market research firm State Science and Technology latest research survey shows that in 2016 the global total smart phone production increased by 6.5% to 1.46 billion units. Looking forward to 2018, due to the weak demand in the smart phone market, the pressure on the sales cost of mobile phone manufacturers is affected by the rising price of components and parts It is estimated that the global production of smartphones will only increase by 5% to a total of 1.53 billion units.


According to the report, although Chinese brands maintain relatively strong momentum in 2018, it is hard to have more than double-digit growth. International brands, due to the iPhone X and other next-generation flagship aircraft models, 2018 is expected to stop the downward trend, a slight increase of 3%. At the same time, in order to cater to the market, Apple will launch the second generation iPhone SE in the second quarter, the main mid-market, the iPhone is expected in 2018 production volume will grow by 7.5%.

Samsung, in 2017 due to sales of low-end J Series good, make up for its defeat in China, the total smart phone reached 320 million units, an annual growth rate of 3%. However, in 2018 Samsung will face a rival Apple in the high-end, Android camp there are all Chinese brands siege, the production volume will appear 3% recession.

TrendForce also noted that smartphone production in Xiaomi increased by 76% YoY in 2017 thanks to strong offline sales at its physical stores and soaring sales in overseas markets such as India and Indonesia. It is estimated that the market share of millet in 2018 is expected to level with OV.

In 2017, the blue-and-green giant OV still performed well. Its smartphone productivity increased by 17.8% and 19.5% respectively, but its total output will be reduced by 10% by 2018.

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