Vivo Z1 will release : High-value and strong performance thousand Yuan machine coming

- May 22, 2018-

At present, the vast majority of mobile phone manufacturers will launch many different price segment products, such as vivo launched the main high-end X-series products and mid-range Y-series products, they are in the corresponding price segment, have received a lot of attention, Also received a lot of praise. Recently vivo announced that the official launch of the new Z-series products, and this series of mobile phones will be the main high-performance, while there is no small surprise in the price.

vivo Z1将发布 高颜值强性能千元机来临

Today, the vivo official release poster stated that the vivo Z1, the first product of the vivo Z series, will be released soon. This product is known as “providing users with a smart and enjoyable speed experience and will subvert your configuration imagination for thousands of machines”. It is not hard to imagine that this phone has a performance that is not inferior to the same price, and it is worth looking forward to.

vivo Z1采用“刘海屏”设计

The poster seems to have leaked the design of the vivo Z1. Perhaps the vivo Z1 will also use the full screen design that is quite popular this year. The top will also retain "bangs", so that the screen ratio will be expanded to 19:9. I believe this slender Body design allows users to put it down.

It is reported that the vivo Z1 will be officially released on May 25th. At the same time, comprehensive presale will be launched on multiple e-commerce platforms. If you are looking forward to vivo's thousands of yuan products, you may wish to pay more attention to this phone.

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