what happen if mobile power off everyday

- Dec 14, 2017-

Are you concerned about the phone before going to sleep at night?

Phone off once a day,

Is it good?

Many people think that every day must be shut down,


Can let the phone get enough rest, extend the service life;

Some people think that intelligent machines do not look like functional machines,

There is no need to shut down once a night.

In fact, a more reasonable argument is:

Once a week off machine,

Because people like cell phones,

Also need to rest from time to time,

However, it is not necessary to shut down frequently every day.

Often switch machines, a slight loss of mobile phones

Every time we turn off and then boot, have found a lot of data on the phone to reload the read, this memory will have some loss, the more frequent the power switch, the loss will be greater.

If the phone is good quality, it has little effect, usually are ignored directly. However, if the phone itself there is a quality problem, the loss caused by frequent switch may be reflected in the phone myself ~

Often switch machine more power

The above said, each shutdown and then boot, the phone to reload all kinds of data, such as from boot to enter the standby state, cpu high-speed operation, power consumption increased, the power consumption of this process less 5% Many may be as high as 10%, of course, different cell phones this data are not the same.


If only standby, the phone will automatically adjust the power according to signal strength and optimize operation, so as to achieve the purpose of power saving. So, sometimes shut down even more power than the boot.

Long-term shutdown will result in slower operation

Mobile phones used to become a good card, this is because in the operation process, the system will produce a variety of depth junk files, it is generally difficult to clean up, but there are a lot of background programs are started, running, a long time, rubbish More and more, the phone will naturally more and more cards.

Therefore, it is recommended to restart the phone once a week, because in the restart process, the phone will be deeply cleaned up those system trash and various daemons to complete self-repair. This is one of the reasons why every time a cell phone gets bounced, it restarts and becomes fluid again.

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