What is the iPhone look like in 2025

- May 29, 2018-

According to the iPhone's iterative rhythm and the development of the mobile phone industry, some netizens have given a full-screen iPhone development trend in the coming years. Generally speaking, it is that Liu Hai's screen has changed from big to small, then faded, and then to nothing. I think the inference is quite reasonable.


The full-screen iPhone in 2018 will be smaller than that of 2017, and the overall product will not be so high. The product is more like the current domestic mobile phone of Liu Haier. Although the bangs are smaller, the use is not. Changes will still support Apple's proud Face ID. By 2020, all the photosensitive elements can be directly opened in the screen, in addition to these openings can be used for the rest of the display.


This design concept map of 2020 is entirely possible because the previous Internet application for Samsung had applied for a similar patent, so the development of a full screen may experience this design direction. By 2025, the full screen will officially enter the mature stage, all the photosensitive elements on the front of the fuselage have been hidden design, the front of the product has reached 100% screen share, the full screen iPhone visual perception and face value reached the peak.

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