What will happen if you leave the mobile charger over-charging ?

- Sep 22, 2017-

1.Is it a power consumption?

Charger has been inserted in the socket, the charger inside the circuit board is through the power

So it is kind of power consumption for sure!

but! A foreign test shows that the original iPhone charger if you do not pull out from socket,

The monthly consumption of electricity for 130 watts, is 1.5 degrees per year electricity.

So just not worry about the cost of electric!

2.What is the influence on the charger?

If we keep the charger on the socket for a long time, the charger is made up of electronic components,so it Will produce micro-current through, for a long time will cause fever,

Easy to cause component aging, will greatly shorten the life of the charger.

3.Keep out, will have a security risk ah?

The charger has been inserted in the socket, if there is no special circumstances,

The probability of spontaneous blew is very small.

but! If the socket or charger is poor,

Living room environment and hot weather, it is prone to some accidents.

After all, the situation of the charger is also often happen.

In summary, a long time out of the charger or there will be a problem

If it is too lazy to pull out, it is best to use a socket with a switch and plug-in board

Readily press the switch, not only to ensure the safety of mobile phone charger,

But also to ensure the safety of other electrical appliances.

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