what would happen if you charge your iphone by 87Watt charger?unbelievable!

- Jul 19, 2017-

It is important to note that the iPhone highest can support 10 w power supply, and it can support the top 12 w power supply (the highest Pro support 29 w), so you choose to bring the charger for the iPhone also can fast charge, but the problem now, if use MBP charger for the iPhone?

Last year, apple released the 15-inch Touch Bar MacBook Pro, which was labeled with an 87W usb-c (usb-c Lightning cable), which would have consequences if it was used to charge the iPhone 7, and it wouldn't burn.


Apple's statement is, USB - 87 w C only accelerate the speed of charging, and their official standard charger is smart, intelligent charging control link, such as your device has been charged, then the device won't continue to charge.

So, you don't have to worry about equipment hot charging process completely, or an explosion caused by high power, because this will not happen.

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