which is more cost-effective for iPhone 8 fast charge ? test gives you the answer!

- Oct 13, 2017-

5W rechargeable head obviously can not meet the demand, so fast charge charge head should be how to choose? Recently, foreign users to do a charging test, respectively, with 5W, 10W, 12W, 29W, 60W and 87W charge head on the iPhone 8 Plus charge test, and the charging curve drawn into a picture.


From the figure, 87W and 61W charging head charging the highest efficiency, both in the 110 minutes when the iPhone 8 Plus will be filled, 29W charging head and 12W charging head charging efficiency difference, and iPad on the use of 10W The charge head can also charge the iPhone 8 Plus at 120 minutes.

iphone 8 charger.jpg

Taking into account the use of 29W, 60W and 87W charge head also need to match a Type-C turn Lightning adapter cable, perhaps 12W charge head is the most economical choice. If you are using the iPad, then use the iPad 10W recharge supply can also get a higher charging efficiency.

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