Who decides next generation iPhone pricing? OLED screen is the key

- Apr 27, 2018-

Although OLED screens are more energy-efficient and light-weight, the cost has been stubbornly high, and there have been reports on the market that Apple’s new generation of mobile phones will re-evaluate the value of OLED screens. However, from the perspective of product technology development, it is impossible to give up OLED screens. After all, innovations on mobile phone screens do not have much choice other than OLEDs.

New iPhone imaginary diagrams of different panels appearing on the Internet

According to the rhythm of Apple's new product release each year, the procurement of materials for the new-generation iPhone has entered a critical period. The purchase price of OLED screens has become the key. Apple has always wanted to get rid of the embarrassment of a single supplier, but unfortunately the current market has the ability to supply large-screen OLED small-size screens only Samsung brand, such as LG and some Chinese brands are not capable of providing a large number of OLED screen products.


In order to boost sales, according to online reports, Apple is also communicating with Samsung about the price of OLED screens, hoping to further reduce the cost of screens, which will give the new iPhone a more eye-catching price. At the same time, Apple may adopt a multi-machine strategy, and new products with LCD screens are also planned, so that they can have new products with more advantageous prices.

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