why and how to speed up the mobile operation

- Dec 15, 2017-

So is there any way to speed up mobile phone operation?

1) deep scan

Just as with room cleaning, we often scan system rubbishes inside our cell phones with the "scan" feature. Using the "deep scan" feature, we can more thoroughly clean up "corner rubbish" and let the system reduce catches.

2) Upgrade your phone configuration

Before we had a question in answer to know: 8GB RAM will become the standard Android flagship machine? (We are interested can click "read the original" view).

Today, 6GB of RAM has become the standard flagship handset, nothing less than the growing RAM is the trend, if now choose a 6GB, 8GB RAM flagship phone such as OnePlus 5, it is bound to make you free in the next few years Disturbed by the phone change card.

With the OnePlus 5 in the market, the high profile 8GB + 128GB has been well received by users. I believe a lot of people choose to configure it because they are able to carry more advanced systems and run more applications under a fluent level. This is equivalent to configuring a big house for your applications so that they can play together.

3) Choose a "smart system"

OnePlus's hydrogen OS cleans up applications that are not commonly used by users intelligently by using dimensions such as frequency, duration, and so on, thereby cleaning up the applications in the background and limiting their self-activation, which can also greatly reduce the number of handsets in mobile phones.

4) for mobile phone configuration, selective brush machine

Brush machine, to the phone's configuration to do, with a configuration behind the times to carry the most advanced system is clearly inappropriate - equal to let Iron Man live in shantytown, blue skinny. At the same time it also tells us that you can brush machines, but also have a selective "brush."

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