Why don't the iPhone need antivirus software?

- Aug 17, 2017-

So the question is, why doesn't the iPhone need anti-virus software?


1. The merchant's software strictly reviews the audit

Apple is a closed system, limited to download software to download in the App Store, and all the software takes apple stores audit act strictly, to a large extent do nip in the bud. With the elimination of malware and spam, even the iOS game recharge is limited to apple pay. Apple will also strictly restrict access to the iPhone, unable to install uncertified software.

2, in addition to the seal of the iOS, and format support also stopped most of the virus, such as *. Exe format program files on the iOS is unable to open, so even if your computer has a virus is not your iPhone.

3. The source code and program algorithm of iOS are unique to apple and not open to any third party. The iOS system is vertically linked to MacOS/WatchOS, data encryption, and denial of third-party access system directories.

In short, apple doesn't need an iOS anti-virus program because it doesn't leave room for the virus (including trojans, malware, etc.), and these viruses can't get into the system. But that's not to say that iOS is 100 percent safe.

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