Why is the iPhone so cool?

- Jul 23, 2018-

First of all, I think it is because the system's closure and ecology are very well constructed. iOS system has always been closed source, ensuring that all its system adaptations will be more perfect in hardware, and the ecological construction is also very good, you can achieve common in Apple's iPhone, mac and ipad products. No, it is more convenient to use.

In fact, because the iOS system interaction logic is also better. Everyone knows that the iOS system doesn't need to kill the background, no need to clean up the garbage, etc., and the Android phone needs these cumbersome steps, so in terms of the system, the iPhone will make people feel more comfortable.

Of course, iPhones don't use cards for not only objective reasons, but more importantly, they are subjective impressions, and the iOS system will make people feel comfortable, and so is the same, because for those who are not used to this system, the iOS system really Very difficult to use. What do you think?


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