Why noise reduction headphones so popular

- Nov 16, 2017-

降噪耳机这么火 双十一你该剁哪一款?

The first is to wear noise-canceling headphones in three ways: head-mounted, in-ear, neck hanging.

降噪耳机这么火 双十一你该剁哪一款?

Headset noise reduction headset is a more traditional design, but also a business-type noise-canceling headphones like to use a shape. Such as BOSE QC25, QC35; Sony MDR-1000XM2; Sennheiser PXC550, HD4.50BTNC; JVC HA-S88BN These headphones are more typical business wind headset noise reduction headphones, elegant shape, color stability, in general, Noise effect is also the top, will apply their most housekeeping technology.

降噪耳机这么火 双十一你该剁哪一款?

In addition to the above, popular head-mounted noise canceling headphones such as the Libratone Q ADAPT, Sony h.ear on Wireless NC series, AKG N60NC and N90Q, beats Studio3 Wireless, FIIL Diva, Sennheiser MOMENTUM Wireless and more.

降噪耳机这么火 双十一你该剁哪一款?

In-ear noise-canceling headphones are not as big as the head-mounted ones, and the popular ones are BOSE QC20, AKG N20C, Sony MDR-EX750NA, 1MORE E1004, Libratone Lightning, and JBL Reflect AWARE.

Although a small number, but no less popular than the headset noise canceling headphones. And because of small size and easy to carry, it has become a lot of people commute daily wear headphones. For people who do not want to carry a large volume headphones, in-ear noise reduction is still worth considering.

降噪耳机这么火 双十一你该剁哪一款?

Neckband noise-canceling headphones is only just this year, a noise-canceling headphones, at present we are more familiar with the BOSE QC30 and Sony WI-1000X.

Neckband noise canceling headphones can be said that both long-headphone and ear headphones lightweight advantages, but also for lightweight sports, whether business or sports events are able to adapt.

Next we look at it from a wired and wireless point of view.

降噪耳机这么火 双十一你该剁哪一款?

The previous noise-canceling headphones are basically wired headphones, wireless headphones now come from behind, the rapid development. In-ear noise-canceling headphones are all wired headphones, neck-mounted noise-canceling headphones are all wireless headphones, headset noise reduction headphones, some wireless headphones, and some wireless headphones, such as BOSE QC35 is a wireless headset, and QC25 is purely wired headset.

But now almost all of the wireless headset noise canceling headphones have a wired function, usually will be accompanied by a headphone cable to prepare for use when the battery is dead. So now the pure wired headset noise reduction headphones have been very little, and with the phone have canceled 3.5mm headphone jack, after all noise-canceling headphone is a big trend.

降噪耳机这么火 双十一你该剁哪一款?

We can also select noise-canceling headphones from the perspective of power supply. There are three main ways of noise reduction headset power supply, one is dry-battery-powered, one is lithium battery-powered, there is a source of power supply equipment.

The previous noise-canceling headphones are basically dry battery-powered, and now basically have their own rechargeable lithium-ion battery. 

The source device power supply is a digital interface cable noise reduction headset power take. 

Lithium power supply is the current mainstream, but inconvenient is that without charging equipment, power consumption after noise reduction function can not be used; and the benefits of dry-battery power as long as you have enough battery reserves, life is not a problem. 

Such as BOSE QC25 is dry battery-powered, ideal for environments that can not be charged frequently.

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