Why would you prefer to use your expensive iPhone but not use Android?

- Jul 23, 2018-

Reason one: brand effect. Jobs' Apple products have always been the hottest and most popular. It has become a symbol of identity and identity, and what kind of mobile phone you use represents what kind of person you are. Many people use apples to give extra points to their image. This is the so-called brand effect.

Reason two: good quality. Apple is not only famous, its mobile phone products have always had a good user experience. Although the current Android machine is constantly upgrading hardware, in general, the experience is still not comparable to the iPhone. This is mainly because of Apple's iOS system. The same new machine, the iPhone can still not be stuck after running for a long time, but the Android machine is very difficult to do this. This is also a big reason why everyone chooses the iPhone.


Which mobile phone do you prefer as a mobile phone user? If you are using an iPhone, what do you think it attracts you? Welcome to leave a comment.

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