With a beta interval of one week, Apple has now officially launched seventh beta versions of iOS 11, where users who have previously been involved in the beta can update themselves.

- Aug 23, 2017-

EverythingApplePro from the YouTube channel once again brought video for everyone, and detailed more than 20 new improvements.


These improvements include:

The lock screen time of some devices is reduced

The black screen problem when the lock screen is fixed has been fixed

When the screen locks the screen, the time text is moved a little bit to the right

The animation is smoother when you drop the notification Center / lock screen

When the music is played, lock the screen's music playback space to restore animation effects

Fast screen lock and quick release, animation repair

The control center's music section will show new Apple Music icons if no music is played

Control center volume adjustment will occur when the sound is too limited sign (support part of the country)

Welcome interface adjustments for photo applications

Access restrictions, remove the password settings option

The 30 pin Lightning adapter works correctly in Beta 7

The crash problem has been fixed when using Square to pay for terminals

After the upgrade of the old equipment to Beta 7, the overall fluency improved

Cellular mobile data can be reset every month

You can see more peripheral icons in the call

W1 chips are paired to support more device animation

IPad on the screenshot when the picture is cut, you can automatically adjust the screen at the sub screen

IPhone 7 Plus portrait mode welcome interface font adjustment

After opening the SOS emergency mode, the Touch ID will be disabled

You can change the color of the light in the HomeKit component under control

Long time no podcast program, Beta 7 will stop automatic download

The volume indicator can display the correct audio playback source

New add scroll bar for lock screen / notification Center

As the official release of iOS 11 approached, apple began to accelerate its testing of the Beta version.

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