Xiaomi 8 conference date exposure: May 31 Shenzhen announced

- May 17, 2018-

With the release of the nuts R1 and one plus six, the next phone to look forward to is Xiaomi 8. Earlier, Xiaomi official has confirmed that Xiaomi's 2018 annual new product launch will be held in Shenzhen, and the exposure of Xiaomi's 8th anniversary edition also hinted at the protagonist of the conference. This afternoon, some netizens discovered the holding date of this heavy conference on Omnipotent Taobao. Xiaomi 8 is very likely to be released on May 31.


According to a number of digital bloggers and the latest news from the media, sellers on Taobao have hung out tickets for the 7th conference of Xiaomi, priced at 799 yuan - 1999 yuan. On the details page, the date of the press conference will be displayed on May 31st, the specific time will be 2pm, and the scale of the press conference will be 5,000. Coincidentally, the previous two days Xiaomi Youpin also forwarded the news of Xiaomi Company on the headline today, and said that “the good thing happened 5.31”. It seems that the date of this conference is no suspense.

小米8发布会日期曝光 5月31号深圳揭晓

小米8发布会日期曝光 5月31号深圳揭晓

小米8发布会日期曝光 5月31号深圳揭晓


It is reported that at the launch of Xiaomi 7, Xiaomi 8 will also be unveiled together. It is also said that only Xiaomi 8 will be released. In any case, the official version of the millet's 8th Anniversary Edition should have been no more, waiting for the May 31 press conference.

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