you must know 5items about the mobile phone battery maintenance

- Dec 27, 2017-

However, the consumption of cell phone batteries has been significantly accelerated by the use of high intensity. That is to say, today's cell phone batteries charge fast and consume electricity quickly. Such a long time, mobile phone will inevitably in an unhealthy state, leading mobile phone can not be charged, filling and power consumption such as bleeding etc.... So that the mobile phone battery actually with us is the same person in need of maintenance.

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Use the original data line and charger

The charging parameters of different mobile phones are different. The original charger is specially designed for your mobile phone, and the charging speed and security are also guaranteed. DH online gate

Avoid overcharge

Many people plug their charging lines to their mobile phones, even if they are full of electricity. This will keep the battery full and speed up the loss of the battery. Small V is also here to advise you to avoid all night charge !

Play while charging the mobile phone

While charging and using a cell phone, the battery will be charged and discharged at the same time, so that the battery is always working at a high pressure. The health of the battery will decrease naturally. And it's dangerous to play with a mobile phone.

The new battery needs to be activated? Wrong!

It is always said that the new cell phone needs to consume the electricity and then recharges the battery for 12 hours to activate the battery to make it more durable. In fact, this is the way of the old battery. Now all the lithium batteries are used. It doesn't need to be done at all. When to charge, when will it be charged.

Pay attention to the temperature of the charging environment

In the environment of low temperature, low temperature protection mechanism of lithium batteries will make the charging speed slow down, or the battery does not work; but in high temperature environment, the lithium battery is not stable, or even explode, small V recommend summer don't put the mobile phone in the car charging under high temperature environment.

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