If your USB cable is often broken again? Good ideas to help you protect it!

- Mar 16, 2018-

  • How many mobile phone charging cables do you exchange for a year?

  • How to protect your charging cables?

1. Wrap with thermal shrink wrap

To buy heat shrinkable plastic (heat shrink tube)

One dollar and one meter, buy half a meter on the line,

First use scissors to cut 3-4cm~

Put in



Prepare a lighter

Use a lighter to evenly burn the black tube


Burning back and forth,

When you begin to shrink, you're done!


2.wire pull to be gentle


When charging or transmitting data at ordinary times,

Which part of the charging line do you guys press?

The correct method should be followed,

The top position instead of the bottom line,

Too rough lines are easy to break!

3. Add a "shield" to the line

Does the spring in the ballpoint pen remember?

Find a useless spring and take the spring directly.

Put on the charging cable connector,

This is the most vulnerable place,

You can "put on" protective gear to protect it!



3. Add "bandage" to the interface

If you think of springs,

Too rough and easy to hurt,

Then try using a tape with a pipe

It's all right around the interface,

The disadvantage is a bit ugly...


4. Tie the interface to the rope

This method is a bit of a challenge to the technology!

Of course, the crocheted sister paper,

I believe there is no difficulty at all!



5. Weave the interface

Take a 60cm braided rope,

Or you can replace it with a shoelace or a string on a bag.


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