One Plus 5 European Price Exposure: 110 Euro, Will You Buy It?

- Jun 08, 2017-

Scotland media exposure one plus 5 price (quoted from cnBeta)

The way to break the news is wonderful, the original is the official for the Finland festival to prepare a competition prize, which includes one plus a mobile phone 5 and two VIP tickets, the total value of 948 euros. A net friend has subtracted the price of the ticket to deduce that the value of one plus 5 is about 550 euros (about 4205 yuan).

The price of 3T (439 euros) compared to a full 111 euros, although the domestic prices over the years cheaper than abroad, but this looks like a plus 5 in the domestic phone to about 3500 yuan. Of course, there is also a possibility is that Europe is the 550 version of the high price, because yesterday evleaks pointed out that a mobile phone plus 5 8GB RAM style.

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