3198 Yuan! Vivo X21 Official Release: 90% Screen Share + Screen Fingerprint

- Mar 20, 2018-

In terms of design, the vivo X21 is equipped with a 6.28-inch 19:9 profiled screen and uses an ultra-narrow U-slot design to bring a larger screen view with a screen share of 90.3%. The back of the fuselage is a four-surface 3D glass material, and adopts a curved design, the whole machine grip feels quite good, the whole back adopts the color processing technology of coating + screen printing, there are ice drill black, aurora white, and ruby red three color matching selected.

In terms of configuration, the vivo X21 is equipped with Qualcomm's multi-core neural network acceleration chip, the Snapdragon 660AIE, which can integrate all available hardware resources for artificial intelligence operations, with 6G+128G memory combinations, and brings more powerful artificial intelligence computing capabilities. Run a new Funtouch OS 4.0 system based on Android O's deep optimization.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that Vivo has also added a new artificial intelligence engine for the X21, intelligently retrieving background applications, predicting application actions, and identifying switch operations and preloading to improve application startup and switching speed by 20%, and based on users. Usage habits and common scenes, balance performance and power consumption, and enhance endurance.

In terms of games, vivo X21 has joined the game competitive mode, able to adjust the CPU and running content to the best state, according to the needs of the game to reasonably optimize the memory space, and support the anti-misoperation function to achieve the best gaming experience.

The vivoX21 series supports the face wake face recognition unlock function, which can automatically monitor 1024 feature dimensions of the face and perform intelligent matching. Vivo X21 screen fingerprint eliminates the post-fingerprint recognition. The back of the camera is more integrated. Under the un-unlocked interface, fingerprint payment interface, etc., the screen will automatically display the fingerprint recognition pattern. Click the fingerprint pattern on the screen to complete the unlocking. , payment and other operations.


In music HiFi, vivo X21 launched the first independent brand sound effects - Deep Field deep space sound effects, with panoramic surround, subwoofer, clear vocal three major characteristics of the sound effects and six environmental sound effects.

On the camera side, the vivo X21 is equipped with a 2 x 12 million-pixel (24 million light-sensing unit) full-pixel dual-core focusing sensor, a large 1.28-μm pixel plus 0.03-second sharp focus, and with vivo image cube technology to further enhance backlight conditions. Under the imaging effect.

In terms of self-timer, X21 upgrades on the basis of vivo intellectual beauty technology, improves beauty effects with new dual-core pixel sensors, and combines the powerful computing capabilities of artificial intelligence assistants to intelligently match beauty based on the user's gender, skin, skin tone, and scene lighting. Program. At the same time, self-timer lighting function was added to increase the playability while enhancing the imaging effect.


Vivo has also released a new brand image of vivo artificial intelligence, Jovi, which will serve as an incarnation of vivo artificial assistant and bring a brand new one-stop product experience.

Price, vivo X21 price 3198 yuan, X21 fingerprint version of the screen price of 3598 yuan. The former is on sale on March 24th. Interested friends can go to vivo official website or local vivo store to find out.

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