3D Recognition Is Not Enough, Future Face ID Or Support Vein Scanning

- May 18, 2018-

According to an Apple patent discovered by the foreign media Apple Insider, Apple is considering enhancing the Face ID function. In the future, Face ID will support the scanning of human vein information. The document shows that the patent was applied on November 12, 2015. Apple stated that the principle of infrared detection can be used to obtain images of veins under the skin and then use it as a biometric, so that the safety and accuracy of identification will be It will greatly increase.


The device includes an infrared emitter that emits multiple infrared pulses to a region of the user's body, such as a hand or face. The infrared light then penetrates the skin and is reflected by the user's vein, and the other can The receiver that senses the IR light can receive the reflected light and then plot the user's vein image.

There are two major advantages of venous scanning. The first vein exists inside the body, and there is no second completely identical vein in the world, so 100% cannot be copied. Second, infrared detection is non-contact, which is more hygienic than fingerprints and other methods.

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