4 Domestic Mobiles Will Be Released Soon Which One Do You Prefer

- Jun 04, 2018-

Lenovo Z5

June 5th

On Monday, Lenovo officially announced that it will release the new flagship Lenovo Z5 on June 5. According to previous news, the aircraft will have a full screen design, and the screen share may reach more than 95%. At the same time, according to the rendering of the previous exposure, the top and sides of the aircraft are equal in width and the control of the chin section is also quite good, but at present, it is not known how to handle the front camera.

Lenovo Z5.jpg

In addition, according to Lenovo's regular loss, the machine Lenovo Z5 uses "particle technology", storage space up to 4TB, while also in the endurance will also be a breakthrough, the official said the standby time up to 45 days, 0% power can call half an hour.

Judging from the positioning of its “National New Flagship,” the aircraft should not disappoint us in terms of performance, and it is likely to focus on mid- to high-end markets. For this new machine, full screen and camera should be the biggest highlight of this new machine.

Honor Play

June 6th

Also in Beijing, after the release of Lenovo Z5, Huawei Glory will release its new flagship glory Play. For this new model, it is worth mentioning that the “very scary technology” that Yu Chengdong had foretold before will start on the aircraft. , But until now we don't know what exactly is, and it is rumored that it is a brand-new technology that improves the product performance experience by improving the bottom layer.

honor play.jpg

In terms of configuration, some netizens have recently revealed a display video that is said to be a glory at the new Play conference. The main content of the video is the Unicorn 970 processor. It is expected that this new machine will carry the Kirin 970 processor. The chip is the world's first smartphone AI computing platform with an independent NPU (Neural Network Unit) built-in, which mainly enhances the computing power of AI. A number of Huawei flagship models have been equipped with this processor.

In addition to glory Play, Glory will also release a new Haiping Liu positioning screen on the 6th of June, titled Glory 9i, which is equipped with a 5.84-inch profiled full-screen, or will carry Kirin 659 processor, with 4+ 32/64/128G storage combination, the price may be less than 2,000 yuan.

Vivo NEX

June 12th

Vivo's new flagship this year was formally announced the day before yesterday, will be officially released on June 12, but this time is not Xplay, but the new NEX series, this new machine has been the network of the Ministry of Industry and Information, but the passport has not been exposed. According to the previous exposure, the aircraft will be launched in two versions, each equipped with Xiaolong 845 and Xiaolong 710 processors.

vivo Nex.jpg

Vivo NEX is known to some extent as the mass production version of the APEX concept machine. Non-Liu Haiping is more in line with the public's aesthetic, and the screen occupation ratio exceeds 95%. It is therefore called a full screen in the true sense, equipped with a brand-new Lifting front camera, but also equipped with a number of breakthrough technologies.

According to the content displayed on the vivo.com website, vivo NEX will be close to the real meaning of the full screen, equipped with future-oriented artificial intelligence, has a very high performance and top configuration, can be said to achieve a full range of upgrades. This new machine will not hit the high-end market unexpectedly, but the price is also the biggest suspense of the current aircraft, what will be the most, the conference on June 12 will reveal the answer.



On June 1, OPPO formally announced the return of the Find series. The name was also identified as Find X. This news immediately received widespread attention from fans and netizens. However, the current launch time of the aircraft has not yet been announced, but the current official website of Find has officially launched, I believe it will not take too long this new machine will also debut.

oppo find X.jpg

With regard to this new machine, FindX, we currently have very limited news. However, according to informed sources, OPPO Find X will be equipped with the top configuration of the Android camp, and is expected to carry 3D structured light face recognition technology. The technology has already been demonstrated in a small area and can be acquired through a structured light module. 3D profile information, security can reach the payment level.

In addition, the real flagship Find series return, presumably OPPO will also add a lot of new technology, AI, AR and other cutting-edge technology should not be absent, is expected that the official will also disclose some of the news of this new machine in the near future, we wait and see.

After reading these new models that are about to be released, which one do you prefer?

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