45 Days Long Standby Lenovo Z5 Will Be Officially Released In June

- May 24, 2018-

With regard to this new machine, the rendering of the ultra-narrow frame of the aircraft has been released before. From the picture, the screen share of Lenovo Z5 is likely to reach 95%. However, Lenovo will not be able to know how to technically break through the front camera.


In terms of configuration, Chang Cheng said the Lenovo Z5 will have up to 4TB of storage space. In addition, in today's smart phones do not leave the charging line, Lenovo Z5's 45-day long standby is also looking forward to the same people.

Lenovo Z5.jpg

In terms of photographing, Lenovo Z5 has added AI smart camera function according to the proof watermark recently released. At the same time, the proofs of the proofs are quite good. Chang Cheng said that "the new beginning of the reunion of the super camera team" suggests that there may be new breakthroughs in the camera.

Lenovo z5new.jpg

Lenovo Z5 is expected to be released in June, according to its "national flagship" positioning, its configuration and features should not be disappointing, then everyone optimistic about this new flagship Lenovo it?

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