6 Warm Heart Details Of IOS 11

- Jun 12, 2017-

Typing at Siri

In fact, as early as macOS introduced the Siri assistant, someone raised the question: why not support typing? After all, when we use the computer, we often go to work, and it is not convenient to talk. Today, iOS 11 allows users to type in text, as well as in inconvenient speech or inaccurate voice recognition. It's really convenient and too much.

Two-dimensional code support

I don't know if it's because the home isn't as popular as the rest of the world, and Apple's native support for QR codes has never been interesting. However, this situation to iOS 11 is finally over, because Apple brings native support for two-dimensional code. Now we can use camera applications to "sweep" and do not need to specifically open third party applications.

One hand mode

Most of the time, we can only type and operate with one hand. The bigger the screen, the more inconvenient it is. IOS 11 Apple has added more single handed models, especially one hand keyboards, and this is no doubt good news. But we don't know exactly what apple is going to do. Do we put all the usual letters on one side or arc design? In addition, Apple also mentioned the single hand map zoom function, which is equally curious.

Adobe Captivate

Screenshots alone have long been unable to satisfy users, and now we need more powerful features like screen recording. The function is simple to understand, of course, but can apple go any further to support the dynamic recording of the screen as a GIF? We can look forward to it.

Domestic mobile phone number as Apple ID

On many domestic services and on many websites, it is common to use mobile phone numbers to register and verify directly. There is no need to think of complex user names, and cell phone numbers also have a security mechanism, which should be loved by people. If Apple Apple ID and mobile phone number is linked, of course, is more convenient.

3D Touch cut web pages

After all, a cell phone doesn't have as large a screen as iPad and Mac, and it's always a hassle to cut a page tag, especially when we need to compare and compare between two pages. Can 3D Touch switch Safari pages completely solve this inconvenience? It's not yet known, but any positive change is welcome.

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