A Man Teeth Bite IPhone Battery To Measure Ture Or False

- Jan 22, 2018-

In recent days, the iPhone's falling frequency door is so noisy that the practice of apple is really dissolving many people. But then Apple has also issued a price reduction for battery service, which is also a conscience. At the peak of the battery, the news that the iPhone battery exploded frequently abroad was mainly due to the improper operation of the technicians.

男子牙咬iPhone电池测真假 爆炸后一脸懵

And recently in the country, there was a iPhone battery explosion, but the cause of the explosion was a bit of a cry. From the monitoring screen exposed on the Internet, it happened in a computer city. A man in the upper left corner wanted to replace the battery in front of the counter and put the battery in his mouth, trying to bite the test.

男子牙咬iPhone电池测真假 爆炸后一脸懵

The results can be imagined, the battery surface was punctured after an explosion occurred. A large group of fireballs instantly spout, scared the people around him. Fortunately, however, no casualties were caused. After watching the monitor, surely we are dumbfounding, the battery is not gold, what are you bite? . Even the high-end battery, can not withstand the piercing test. If you want to replace the cell phone at home, we must be careful, safety first!

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