A New Generation Of IPhone Named Final Exposure, As Much As 2 IPhone 8

- Sep 11, 2017-

This week may be the most anticipated 2018 mobile phone ring moments, because not only millet MIX 2 and Samsung Note 8 national version of the flagship launch of Andrews, as well as iOS camp alone Miao Apple's new generation of iPhone release.


On the new generation of iPhone, we already know there will be 3, in addition to two conventional iterative products, there is a commemorative version of the iPhone Previously, we used to commemorate this commemorative iPhone called iPhone 8, but from the latest news, Apple does not seem to do so dry.

新一代iPhone命名终曝光 竟有2款iPhone 8

According to media reports, in the iOS 11 GM quasi-official version, the developer Steve Troughton Smith found Apple's official name for the three new iPhone, respectively, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. That is to say we have been identified before the iPhone 7s series will be directly skipped, and won the hearts of the iPhone 8 series will be replaced.



As for the iPhone X, in fact, long ago there will be this rumor, but we all call it called iPhone 8 used. Because this special new machine is to meet the first generation of iPhone launch of the tenth anniversary of the commemorative moment, and X in the Roman numerals just on behalf of 10, so be named iPhone X is also justified. In addition, Apple did not extend the iPhone 7s name, may be afraid of this look like a small facelift of the name of the consumer's desire to buy, especially in the premise of the iPhone X.

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