Amazon Push Homemade IPhone Headset Audio Socket Adapter

- Oct 23, 2017-

Apple removed the iPhone 7 standard 3.5mm headset jack last year, this is a brave move, now, Google is also in the new Pixel 2 intelligent mobile phone removed 3.5mm headset jack, we can also charge the device and use a wired headset is coming to an end.

Fortunately, Amazon is correcting this situation, at least for iPhone users, Amazon launched homemade iPhone headset audio jack adapter cheaper than Belkin similar products.

Amazon's own Basics brand has begun to produce 3.5mm headphone audio socket adapters, allowing iPhone 7, iPhone 8 and future iPhone X owners to connect wired headsets and charging cables simultaneously. It sells for $30 and can now be purchased from amazon.

Amazon's headphone, audio, and socket adapters are two different than Belkin's products. First, it‘s cheaper to 5 dollars, second, and it's smaller, more compact, and easier to carry than Belkin's.

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