Android 9 Characteristics Exposure: System Unified Push More Closed

- Jan 23, 2018-

Although many flagships have not yet been upgraded to Android 8, some netizens have turned their eyes to the Android 9 system that will be released this year. Previously, there was news that Android's 9 code was "Pie", and now there are three major features of the system.


According to the well-known XDA Developer Forum Mishall Rahman broke the news that he found in the Google submitted AOSP information package, Android 9 will have three important characteristics, the first is the system will be unified by Google push, consumers can get the update speed of system and Google mobile phone series as the son. Next is Android 9 operation system will be built in the Project Treble mode, enabling Google to bypass the adjustment adaption of chip manufacturers, and provide system updates directly for mobile phone manufacturers. This mode does not allow any manufacturers to delete. Finally, Google will be more "closed" to the system, and the application will not be accessed unauthenticated API interface.


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