Android P May Debut In May: Utility Features Exposure

- Mar 07, 2018-

For now, all the news that love playing Google will launch Android P on March 14, its name was speculated as Android Pie. Right now, Android P has been mined to support a variety of new features, such as more and more "bangs" new machine comes out, Android P will native support "bangs" screen.

Android P或5月登场 实用新特性曝光

The latest news from the XDA, the latest found some of the Android P system useful to say that new features, such as users can connect the phone to a computer via Bluetooth computer to replace the keyboard or mouse to use, can be emergency.

Android P或5月登场 实用新特性曝光

And Android P support Bluetooth HID device profile service and Huawei Mate 10 series on the screen and Samsung DeX Pad touch screen function difference, Huawei Mate10 or Samsung Dex Pad both can be connected by HDMI to the phone into a touch Board or keyboard.

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