Android User Loyalty Is Higher Than IOS Users?

- Mar 12, 2018-

When it comes to satisfaction with mobile phones, the iPhone has always been the user's "best of the best", but 

this situation seems to be quietly changing. According to a data released by CIRP, a market research 

organization, Android users’ system loyalty actually exceeds that of iOS, and they don’t know how Apple will feel 

when they see this scene.


From the survey data of CIRP, as of December 2017, the loyalty of Android users is 91%, while the loyalty of iOS system is only 86%. To be precise, the lead in Android loyalty began in the second half of 2014. For three years thereafter, the loyalty of iOS has never surpassed Android.

三星Galaxy S9/S9+

iPhone X

iOS system and Android system seem to be two extremes, one is closed, one is open, is it once again verified that "closed and locked the country" must be beaten? Behind the high iPhone user satisfaction is a strong support for the iOS system. Many users purchase the iPhone because of the iOS system. However, the experience of iOS 11 is too bad. The Bug is continuous and people cannot love it. This is not the fruit powder, Apple really should reflect on.

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