Android Version IPhone X Appearance

- Dec 13, 2017-

Just as everyone is catching up with the trend of full screen, Apple introduced the iPhone X, with superb design capabilities tell us that the full screen can be more complete and more cool. After removing fingerprinting, the iPhone X uses 3D facial recognition instead. The top of the bangs into the iPhone X one of the most distinctive highlights, but also become difficult to copy other technical difficulties.

Leagoo S9

Recently, Leagoo launched an Android machine Leagoo S9, this phone can be said in terms of appearance and the iPhone X has a 90% similarity. Front of the aircraft and the iPhone X similar shaped full screen design, the front camera and sensor on the bangs, also canceled the entity Home key.

Leagoo S9

From the back of the fuselage, Leagoo S9 and iPhone X is also very high similarity, the same vertical dual shooting. Just use the post-fingerprint recognition. This phone uses an Android system, the specific configuration is not clear. However, on the trend of view, the future of all-screen mobile phone will be the mainstream of the special solution.

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