Apple Crazy! IPhone X Plus Exposure: Screen, Price Unbelievable

- Jan 15, 2018-

For Apple, if it is not OLED screen capacity is too limited last year, iPhone X Plus will be unveiled together, but this year we will definitely be able to see the figure of this phone.

For them, the iPhone cut into the OLED screen has been uneasy, after all, now all the iPhone's OLED screen are Samsung supply, the rest of the manufacturers simply do not have this ability.

Now Apple quickly cultivate the new supplier of OLED screen is the most important thing, and LG, Sharp are the right choice for them.

According to Taiwan's industry chain broke the news, LG has confirmed that this year's new iPhone supply OLED screen, the supply is about 15 million, the screen size is mainly concentrated in 6.5 inches.

In addition, the brokerage also mentioned that, following Samsung, LG, Sharp, JDI are seeking to become the third supplier of Apple OLED screen, and this year's new generation of iPhone X OLED screen needs mainly concentrated in 5.8 inches and 6.5 inches, as Cheap version of the iPhone, due to cost constraints, will continue to be the traditional LCD screen.

For domestic mobile phone manufacturers, this year's new iPhone X on the demand for OLED screen will be greater, and Apple's strong control over the industry chain, will make everyone very uncomfortable, after all, the original OLED screen supply shortage, now more short , It will be very embarrassing, so domestic mobile phone manufacturers are testing mini LED screen mobile phones, and Huawei, millet, OV are following.

If the iPhone X Plus launched this year, then the body size of the traditional iPhone 8 Plus, installed 6.5-inch full screen, which is bound to be more big-screen users of choice, of course, the top version of the Bank of China with over million price suspense.

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