Apple Develops Powerful Wireless Headset For AR And VR

- Apr 28, 2018-

For a long time, Apple CEO Tim Cook praised augmented reality (AR). He once said that AR is an important technology as the iPhone, but recently there is news that he is in virtual The reality (VR) field also has a huge plan. Recently, foreign media reported that according to a person familiar with the Apple plan, Apple is developing headphones that can run both AR and VR technologies. At the same time, the sources also supported that the project, code-named T288, is still in its early stages and is expected to be released in 2020. However, it does not rule out Apple's possibility to change or cancel its plan.

针对AR与VR 苹果开发功能强大无线耳机

For the above news, Apple currently declined to comment.

But this news is not so impossible. In recent years, we can see that Apple has been working hard to promote its augmented reality technology on iPhones and iPads in the past year. According to informed sources, Apple's headset will use high-speed short-range wireless technology to connect to a dedicated "box." This "box" will be powered by a more powerful custom Apple processor than any existing one and will act as the brain of an AR / VR headset. In the current state, the box is similar to a PC, but it will not be a real Mac computer.

Obviously, Apple will certainly want to repeat its leading position in the field of consumer electronics through any of AR and VR in the future, but which one is it? Also wait for the exact news in the future.

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