Apple Donated 7 Million RMB To Quake Hit Areas Of Jiuzhaigou

- Aug 14, 2017-


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The Sichuan earthquake in Jiuzhaigou is the heart of the whole nation. At this point, we all want to say, "Sichuan, come on!"! After the earthquake, social parties quickly opened disaster relief operations. The Apple Corp mentioned that they would plan to donate 7 million yuan to support the work of the China Poverty Alleviation foundation.

Let's take a look at Apple's announcement:

"We have been in Sichuan for many years, with hundreds of Apple employees and families, and thousands of people working for our local suppliers. We are saddened by the earthquake and hope to do our best to help the local rescue efforts. We plan to contribute 7 million yuan to support the life saving work of the China foundation for poverty alleviation, including supporting survivors, rebuilding homes and schools."

As Apple's announcement said, Apple has many projects in Sichuan, such as Apple's first investment in Chinese photovoltaic project, is the first in Chinese investment in renewable energy project is located in Aba Prefecture in Sichuan province. So at any time, Apple Corp are closely tied up with Sichuan.

This is not the first time apple Chinese relief aid, the lower reaches of the Yangtze River flood in 2016, apple donated 7 million yuan, and in 2014 Yunnan Ludian earthquake, they have donated 10 million yuan.

The China poverty alleviation fund also mentioned that this donation is the agency currently on the Jiuzhaigou earthquake rescue received the largest sum of money, and the Apple Corp has long been concerned about the field of disaster relief, support the development of China's public welfare undertakings. The China foundation for poverty alleviation will work closely with the Apple Corp to make good use of donations, as well as pay close attention to the development of the disaster situation and all the tasks.

The face of natural disasters, we can always feel human love, a difficult earthquake we also hope to help comes from all quarters, can spread the good news more, more life to get relief, subsequent reconstruction work better, Jiuzhaigou is still the heaven.

As a Chinese,we thank apple’s donation!

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