Apple Emphasizes The Heavy Function Of IOS 11.3: Details Of Down-conversion

- Mar 08, 2018-

Finally, Apple chose to compromise its promise in the new iOS 11 version, allowing users to manually turn off the frequency reduction feature, and this version is iOS 11.3.Now, Apple has released some of the official version of the news.
iphone x1.jpgAs you can see in the latest Apple's instructions, the iOS 11.3 official version has Battery Health added, and you can see the Maximum Capacity and Peak Performance Capability two suboptions.

iPhone X2.jpg
For maximum capacity, this best understanding, is the battery capacity, if the percentage of the lower the number, then the less natural life, and to a particularly bad time, you are prompted to replace the battery (500 normal after the full charge Apple said the battery will drop to 80%).

iPhone X3.jpg
The peak performance is what we say down-frequency, if your battery performance is OK, you are free to choose whether to turn off manual frequency reduction, and if the battery performance is not satisfactory, then you can manually shut down, but the system will advise you to turn off After the inexplicable hand restart or shutdown.

Most interesting is that Apple believes that at this stage to solve the old iPhone performance decline, the most direct way is to replace the battery, which is why the official battery service now so popular reason.

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