Apple Faithful Do Not Cry, 3D Touch Multi-task Switch Will Return

- Sep 22, 2017-

Apple on September 20 at 1:00 to the global user push the official version of iOS 11, many users have chosen the first time to update. The new iOS 11 brings a new interactive, new file App, Dock bar and a new multi-task background switch interaction.

图片来自苹果官网iOS 11更新信息

In everyone to upgrade the experience of the new operation of the interaction, there are careful users found that iOS 11 canceled the original 3D Touch multi-task gesture switching function, this feature is highly acclaimed, it is very convenient to use, Apple in iOS 11 on the sudden cancellation is really captive. But Apple, who has always focused on the user experience, seems to have noticed that, Apple executives Craig Federighi (Craig Federighi) said that before this feature there are some technical problems, has now been resolved, this has disappeared function Return to iOS 11 in future software upgrades.

3D Touch多任务手势切换演示

Apple is still playing the role of smart phone leader, whether it is hardware design or software interaction. Jobs later era, Apple obviously lack the ability to innovate, but the overall experience or to lead Andrews. Apple can do the world's leading shipments, the main reason is that it is very focused on the user experience, so smart in the smart phone today, can really be a combination of soft and hard, for the user experience to do the product manufacturers Not much, but Apple is in it.

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