Apple Get The Certification Of Wireless Charging MFi:a Large Number Of Accessories Appear

- Jan 03, 2018-

Each year Apple's new conference will attract countless people's attention in the 2017 Apple Fall new conference, in addition to three iPhone in addition there is a concern that accessories, that is AirPower wireless charging base, this base can be more Apple products for wireless charging.

苹果开启无线充电MFi认证 大批配件来袭

It's been awhile since AirPower was released, and many people are still discouraged when it's time to go public and the high price ($ 199). But good news came, according to media reports recently, the certification body began to push the wireless charging industry, various customers push the message, Apple's application for wireless charging will be fully liberalized in early 2018, and soon we have a large number of third-party wireless charging base Can be used.

In fact, Apple has long been a precursor to the opening of wireless fast charging base, last December 2 iOS 11.2 official version update made it clear that iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X can be compatible with third-party accessories wireless fast charge. It is speculated that after MFi certified third-party fast charge listed, the price should be 200 yuan up and down.

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