Apple IOS 11.2.1 Official Release! Fix Numerous Vulnerabilities

- Dec 15, 2017-

Apple official release earlier this morning iOS 11.2.1 official version of the system is iOS 11.2 incremental updates, with the previous update is different, the iOS 11 more problems, mainly to fix some errors, such as "home" application Shared users may not be able to remote access problems.

Apple release iOS 11.2.1 official version update: fix many loopholes

Earlier, a developer discovered the HomeKit vulnerability in iOS 11, which allows attackers to easily control devices that support HomeKit and even smart locks, so Apple must fix it in time.

In the iOS version 11.2 update, Apple officially opened the Apple Pay Cash personal transfer feature, through Apple Pay friends in the payment, payment and other functions, this feature is proposed at this year's Apple Developers Conference.

In addition, for the iPhone 8 / Plus and iPhone X models, updated iOS 11.2 official version can achieve up to 7.5W Qi wireless fast charge.

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