Apple IPhoneX Blush Gold Edition Appeared

- Mar 22, 2018-

Last year, when the Apple iPhone X was released, there was news that Apple will release the iPhone version of the iPhone. However, due to various reasons, the iPhone X did not show up. Today, according to the news of the well-known Apple leaking god Ben Geskin, Apple is really planning to release an iPhone X with a red gold color scheme. Recently, the rendering of the color scheme has also been exposed on Weibo.

 iPhoneX Blush Gold.jpg

According to the exposure of Apple's leaked god, Ben Geskin, the iPhone version of the iridescent gold version is D21A, and the name is “Blush Gold.” In addition to the body photos, the big god also exposed the iPhone X card version of the gold card slot , Very close to the color of the body.

iPhoneX Blush Gold.jpg

Although the red gold has been passed for a long time, it has not yet been realized. However, considering that Apple will hold a press conference on March 27, we might as well look forward to it.

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