Apple Is Going To Have 6.1 Inch Full Screen Phone?

- Jan 24, 2018-

According to domestic media reports, the current news from the supply chain shows that Apple will launch 3 full screen iPhone phones this year, the two one is OLED panel, the other is 6.1 inch LCD panel.

From the panel supplier, the OLED panel is still almost exclusively supplied by Samsung, and the OLED screen of the LG family is very difficult.

The LCD panel uses the JDI's latest 18:9 full screen panel, only 0.5 millimeters of the border, and some LCD panels supplied by LGD.

苹果要出6.1英寸全面屏手机 刘海竟没了

For touch-screen panels, the touchpad of OLED screen iPhone is integrated by Samsung. The bigger change is the LCD screen iPhone, which is changed from the previous In Cell embedded touch panel to the external touch panel. Among them, the film touch sensor is the sole supply of the Japanese company, and the GIS industry and the TPK Chen Hung took the external touch panel to fit the order. This is also the first time the touch panel factory in has returned to the iPhone touch panel supply chain since Apple 5 switched to In Cell touch technology.

苹果要出6.1英寸全面屏手机 刘海竟没了

At present, the cost of the profiled full screen on iPhone X is too high. If the next generation of iPhone adopts this design, the high cost will inevitably lead to the soaring selling price. It is imperative to introduce a cheap version of the full screen iPhone phone. Today, 18:9's Square full screen phone is the best choice for this cheap iPhone, and it's likely to be named iPhone 9. Although the screen size has increased to 6.1 inches, thanks to the advanced full screen design, this cheap full screen iPhone phone is likely to be smaller than the iPhone 8 Plus body size, and is worth looking forward to.

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