Apple Loss: Low Pricing Battery Replacement Make IPhone Sales Decreased 16 Million!

- Jan 08, 2018-

Barclays said, "though this is a good PR action to solve Apple problem, if a large number of iPhone users choose to replace the old battery instead of buying the new iPhone, it will affect the sales volume of iPhone."

Mark Moskowitz (Mark Moskowitz), an analyst at Barclays, estimates that 77% of iPhone users are qualified for the battery replacement. He said: "in this case, 10% of the 519 million iPhone users will replace their iPhone batteries with this reduction activity. About 30% of iPhone users will not buy new phones this year. This means that about 16 million iPhone sales are likely to be cut, which reduces our profit expectations for apple in 2018.

Barclays says it continues to be neutral on Apple's stock. It thinks Wall Street is too optimistic about sales of iPhone X, on the other hand, it looks at Apple's growth in service business, and the new tax law will also benefit the company's business.

Last week, the Apple Corp says it will start iPhone the old battery replacement program price at the end of January this year, but then said that this activity can begin immediately, no need to wait until the end of the month. Earlier, apple issued a statement saying that its intention to reduce the operation speed of iPhone to protect battery performance was dissatisfied with users. Then it decided to reduce the cost of replacing iPhone batteries.

Now, after a new battery is replaced, iPhone users don't have to worry about the problem of being reduced to speed.

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