Apple MacBook Pro I9 Top Version: Cooling Function Is Not Enough?

- Jul 23, 2018-

While Apple announced that the new MacBook Pro is equipped with an i9 processor, there are also many fruit powders that discuss heat dissipation. It is well known that the MacBook Pro series is light, small, small in internal space and compact in design. Upgrade to the i9 processor, can it keep up with the heat?


When you use the Premiere Pro rendering time test, you will find that the performance of the MacBook Pro with the top i9 processor is not as good as the performance of the 2017 i7 MacBook Pro. And when you put the new one in the refrigerator test, you will find that the performance can be improved by at least 1/3, and there is no doubt that the heat dissipation affects its performance.

Apple MacBook Pro i9


So after testing, the conclusion is that there is no need to buy the i9 top version of the new MacBook Pro, because the heat problem is very serious, so the processor is severely limited.

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